My husband and I just had a telephonic hearing with the judge and county clerk.

It’s official, we have been appointed permanent legal guardians of our niece, until she is at least 18 years old! (She just turned 11)

She’s been living with us since June, 2016 and, in December, she asked if she could move to Indiana with us. Since we only had temporary guardianship (which was expired, because it was only good for 6 months) taking her out of state would not have been a good idea. So, we hired an attorney, and started the process. It’s been a long, hectic, emotional, and pricey journey and it’s finally over (and totally worth it.)!

When she got home from school today, I told her the good news and she yelled, “Yay!” and gave me a hug. She is so excited, and had been worried about where she would go, if we didn’t take her with us.
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I’m happy for her. She REALLY wanted this, and I’m glad we were able to make it happen.

We assumed it would happen, because of how our last hearing went (Me, Before Our Court Hearing Today). We were just waiting for the official “green light”.

Her and our 10 year old daughter get along great, she loves living with us, we can start taking her to doctor/dentist appointments now, and she will have her own room with all her own things, at our new house. So, we truly believe this is the best option for her.


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Since I’m, finally, done schooling the boys, I can go back to work outside of home. Hopefully I remember how to speak, professionally, with adults. Just sayin’.

Anyway , because we’ll be moving this weekend, I’ve started applying for jobs posted on Indeed. In doing so, I uploaded my resume, in case anyone out there is looking to hire someone with my qualifications.

Sure enough, the next day, I was contacted by an Escrow company who found my resume, and was “Interested in [my] Title Industry background, and would like to discuss employment opportunities.”
Phone Interview
We spoke this morning, during an “initial telephone interview”, and now I have a “second, more formal interview” next Thursday!

(Two days after we get to our new house!)

I’m so excited!

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Joe (blue) and George (red) are excited about their new harnesses.
New harnesses 5-5-17 resized
They had just gotten back from their walk, when I took this pic.

Me lubs it when they’re happy.

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Our Realtor just sent us THESE pics of our new pond and waterfall, with the message, “Your fish are waiting for you!”
Waterfall resized

Fish resized

Creek resized
I told her our daughter has been asking us for a frog, and she sent THIS pic, and said, “There’s plenty for her here!” lol
Frog resized
Then she sent THIS one, and said, “The Azalea bush is for YOU!”
Azalea Bush resized
I love it!

I’m so grateful for all of it, and I promise to be the best person I can be, toward everyone, always.

I, honestly, could not have asked for a more amazing life. I have no words that can explain the joy and contentment I’m feeling right now.

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