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I was recently asked for help in finding a therapist. Although I did have a specific one in mind for that ONE person, I decided to do a bit of research anyway. In doing so, I found THIS article and thought it would be worth sharing with all of you. Just click on the title below and it will redirect you to the article.

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How to find the BEST Therapist for you

Seven tips on finding the best therapist for you

psychology today



As some of you know, I went to see my doctor about my depression and she ran some tests. Turns out, borderline diabetes and anemia cause you to lose energy, which causes you to gain weight, which causes you to become depressed. Suggestion? (for my situation) Eat healthy (little to no carbs), take Vitamins D, B-12, & Iron, and work your butt off (literally).

No depression or diabetes meds for me, and I go back in 3 months to check on my progress. I can do this!

Fitness Fairy

I totally recommend everyone get checked (for anything and everything). There is hope for wellness…we just have to want it AND work for it.)

FYI: I became anemic because I use the copper IUD. If you use it too and notice your monthly flow is heavier than usual and you start to lose energy, tell your doctor.

“Cry me a river and then build a bridge and get the fuck over it.”

Cry me a river

I wonder if this is what people think when I bring up my depression. I think this is why I stopped talking about it for so long. Honestly, I don’t want to stop talking about it though. It helps me to talk about it. I think it helps others when I talk about it too. I guess, I just need to find the “right” people to talk about it with? I learn a lot about myself when I talk about it, when I write about, when I think about it. There is a lot more to me than depression, but I have done a lot for me and others because of it. A lot more than I have done while happy. People don’t need help when they are happy. I know I don’t.

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