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“The American Dream is one of success, home ownership, college education for one’s children, and have a secure job to provide these and other goals.”
~Leonard Boswell

Check, check, check, and check…If that statement is true, then we are definitely living the dream!

I love our life, and I love being an American. Just sayin’.

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Tic Toc…
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“Hurry up, Honey…we have a house to close on!!!”

(Hehe, I’m super excited…and impatient!)

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My son, Christian, picked up his cap and gown from the college bookstore today!
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There will be family members flying in, and driving, from everywhere to watch him walk at the ceremony, and to celebrate with him after. It’s going to be nice for him to see that all of his hard work didn’t go unnoticed.

He’s only 17, but he has proven to excel in all things he attempts, and completes.

Below is an email from one of his instructors,

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and one from the president of the Phi Theta Kappa, at his college.
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I’m extremely proud of my son, and know he will succeed at anything he decides to do now and in the future.

I love him so much.

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Yay, the twins‘ collars arrived yesterday!
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Can you guess their names by the design of their collars? lol

(The twins will be delivered to us on Friday, May 12. I’ll post pics, and let you know their names, as soon as I can, after that.)

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Today, we received invoices and confirmation of the repairs that were made; electrical, the reverse osmosis system installation, shed roof repair, plumbing repair, and window replacements. My father-in-law met with our Realtor at the house yesterday, for the final inspection and said everything looks good.

The lawn was mowed Tuesday and the lawn guy worked on the pond and waterfall, which was running perfectly yesterday (according to our Realtor and my father-in-law). The ice in the pond has melted, so there are Koi fish swimming around in it. (I’m excited to see it in person.) There’s a fire pit right next to the pond and waterfall, so it’s going to be a nice area to relax in, day or night.
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My father-in-law said everything is green now, and that the flowers are starting to come out, so it’s going to look beautiful when we get there. (He’s going to mow the lawn for us next week, because he’s awesome like that.)

The seller signed all closing documents today, and we will be signing ours tomorrow. The lender has already wired funds to the title company, so we should have access to the house right after closing, tomorrow morning. We don’t know what day the kids’ rooms will be painted, but I would imagine it’ll be this weekend, sometime.

We are donating most of our furniture to my brother’s kids and their mom, so we will be renting a Uhaul on Saturday, so we can deliver it to them. We also plan on taking a trip to the dump that day.

Sunday, I’ll probably pack up whatever we have left out around the house, and on Monday, I plan on packing whatever is left in the kitchen. Tuesday we’ll be unplugging the refrigerator, so it’ll thaw, and Wednesday night, we’ll unplug the washer. We’ll probably start taking everything from upstairs…downstairs, Wednesday as well.

Thursday we will pick someone up from the airport, who has volunteered to drive the Uhaul for us. We’ll also be picking up the Uhaul and RV, and start loading as much as we can, before it gets dark. Friday morning, the carpet cleaners are scheduled to show up, and that evening is my sons’ college graduation, so we’ll be going there. We’ll be meeting family members who are coming to celebrate with him, at my grandparent’s house after the ceremony.

Saturday morning, our landlady will be here to do the final walk-through and we’ll be delivering the keys to her at that point. Then we will be on our merry way, starting our road trip/cross country move, to our new house!

Internet, cable, phone, and all utilities have been scheduled to be turned on at the new house, so all should be ready, when we get there. (Internet, cable, and phone will be installed the day after we arrive). Yay!

It’s going to be a busy few days, but we’re all very excited.

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