Apparently, there’s more to moving cross country than just…get it the car and drive!
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He was checking for truck stops, weather, toll roads, blah, blah, blah. And I was like, “We need two binders and walkie talkies for travel games.”

*Somehow we get along great. lol

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Chris put so much work into it, now he has to take it down. *sigh
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He’s such a good sport though, and knows it has to be done.
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It was nice, while it lasted.
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The girls will have their own separate rooms, when we move, so he won’t be building a new one. Instead, we’re going to make the extra space downstairs into a craft room for them, per their request.

*They grow up way too fast!

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The kids and I took a much needed break yesterday. (Yes, another one.)

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Weston skating resized
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Christian skating resized
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Star sitting resized

Star Skating resized
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Star had to unpack her skates, so we can go there. It was totally worth it, because they had a blast. When we got home, I looked up skate parks where we’re moving, and found one 15 minutes away!


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I was diagnosed with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), back in October. So, I told my doctor we were moving to the Midwest, and that I was worried about the weather being totally different than that of Arizona, where we currently live. She said I should buy Light Therapy Lamps, try to get as much light into the new house as possible, and go outdoors as often as I can.

Anyway, the house we found (and are buying) should work…for health purposes. lol
Outside view resized
Atrium windows from outside.
Atrium resized
Atrium windows from inside.
Basement resized
Atrium windows from basement.
Hot Tub Room resized
Windows in hot tub room.
kitchen resized
Windows and skylight in kitchen.
Master bathroom resized
Skylights in master bathroom.
Master bedroom resized
Sliding glass doors, leading to private deck in master bedroom.

*Skylights, windows, and forest everywhere!

(We don’t mess around when it comes to my health. Just sayin’.)

I’m also taking Vitamin D supplements daily and have been walking and keeping active. She said, as long as I do the above, and keep up what I’m doing now, I should be perfectly fine.

The house is on over 2 acres and sits on a hill and is surrounded by forest. It also has a hot tub, sauna, pool table, baby grand piano, built in bar with dumb waiter, and Koi pond. The kids love it because it reminds them of a cabin. I think we will all live comfortably in our new home.

I can’t wait to get there, so I can relax! lol

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I dont know how my story will end
Just sayin’.

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