Final Inspection
Now, we just wait to close in 9 days!

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All the repairs have been completed per the purchase agreement as well as the VA required repairs. The re-inspection went well last night, and the appraiser said he will be signing off on it this morning.

The seller will be mowing the lawn today and next Wednesday, so we will have to arrange for someone to mow it again before we get there. Which is not a problem, since a couple of people already volunteered to do it for us.

We will also need to transfer the utilities into our name as of May 6th!  (The seller will cover day of closing. Which is May 5th.)
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My husband will be working out of Virginia all this week, but he packed up his office before he left. The girls’ room is packed, and the majority of the boys’ room is packed, as well as the living room, gym, and most of the kitchen. All we have left are the things we still use in the kitchen, bathrooms, and closets. My room should be done today.

My kids cleared out the shed over the weekend, and have been working on the yard for the past couple weeks. We purchased a sprinkler system yesterday, so we will start watering the front yard this evening.

I’ve finished painting everything that needed painting, and I went through and cleaned all baseboards, restrooms, and appliances (all of which we own and plan on taking with us, with the exception of the stove).

Our landlord agreed to meet with us the morning of the 13th, to do the final walk-through, and so we could deliver the keys. We plan on starting our trip soon after we get done doing that.

The closer it gets, the more exciting it is….I can’t wait to be in our new home!

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Star Skype
I love that she thinks about me when I’m not home.

(My husband had to fly out to DC for work this morning. He and I left at 5:00 a.m., to get him to the airport, so she didn’t see me before I left.)

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That one person

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