“19 days from accepted contract, to clear to close. That was fast!”

*That was from our Realtor yesterday morning. She then messaged us, asking if we wanted to try and close THIS Friday! I was like, “NOPE!” I’m feeling rushed as it is. We let her know that we’d prefer to close on the date stated on the contract. So, yeah…we’ll be closing on May 5th.

Everything did happen a lot faster than we expected. It’s STILL happening super fast!

I’m going to be exhausted by the time we move, and am thinking I’ll probably sleep through most of trip.

road trip
30 hours! I keep telling myself it’s going to be fun, like taking a road trip. I hope I’m not lying to myself. lol

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Think outside the box 2

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Those who know me know I’m not much of a hoarder, except for when it comes to my homeschooling stuff. Packing the classroom THIS TIME was extremely difficult for me. It has taken me 3 days to go through every binder, book, paper, notebook, and “piece of art” I’ve collected for/from my kids. I had to make myself decide what to keep and what to get rid of. It was NOT easy, but I know it had to be done, because there was a lot!

It’s super emotional for me to do this now, because Christian (my second child) was in 4th grade when we started homeschooling. 4th grade!!! He’s graduating from college in a few weeks!!!

Like I said, it has to get done, but thinking about all the years we spent learning together, and only keeping these few stacks makes me feel super guilty, for some reason.

I’m sure I don’t NEED everything in these stacks, but it’s what I’m keeping. Just sayin’.

Stacks resized
Stacks 2 resized
(The Army box is full of books too.) lol
packed resized
packed 3 resized
I’m still schooling my daughter, so the only classroom things I didn’t pack were her white boards and what you see on the small black shelf. Which are the binders, books, pens, and pencils she’ll be using for the next 3 weeks.

Packing the classroom was time consuming and emotional, but it had to get done.

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Were buyin a house
Moving truck & RV reserved, plane tickets purchased, carpet cleaner scheduled, boxes everywhere in our house…

OMG you guys…this is REALLY happening!!!

We’re buying a house!!!

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We picked up some veggie burritos for lunch yesterday, and hung out in Lowell, AZ on our way back home.
The kids and tractor in front of the Lavendar Pit resized
Lowell, AZ is located at the edge of the Lavender Pit, in Bisbee, AZ. It used to be a mining town in the 1950s, and now, all that’s left is a small portion of Erie Street, a cemetery, and a middle school. Unless you know it’s there, you won’t notice it when driving by.
Historic Loweel Truck resized
My 17 year old son, Christian, is fascinated by antiques and old vehicles. So, when he asked me if we could go there, we went.
The kids at the Shell station both ads resized
When we drove into the town (Erie Street), the first thing we saw was an old Shell station, with ads painted onto the wall of one side.
The kids at the Shell station resized
It had a patrol vehicle as well as another vehicle parked in the service area.
Christian at shell station resized
That’s Christian in front of the patrol vehicle. Behind him is the Lavender Pit.
Lavender Pit Fence resized
The Lavender Pit is fenced in, for safety, but the view is amazing!
Star in front of ladies restroom resized
My daughter, Star, posed in front of the ladies restroom, at the Shell station…
Christian in front of the Pepsi Machine resized
and Christian in front of an old Pepsi vending machine in front of the building.
Weston at the shell station resized
My 19 year old, Weston, stood in front of the tire shop, which is also at the Shell station.
Welcome to Lowell AZ resized
As we drove down Erie Street, we saw other old buildings and vehicles parked in parking lots,
Taxi resized
and on the street, in front of its little shops.
Lowell Police Department resized
At the end of the street is where the Lowell Police Department is located.

It was a fun experience. I’m glad Christian brought it up, and that we had a chance to hang out in an old 1950s relic.

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