its okay to be scared
I really needed to see THIS today, after the news I received. I don’t think I’ve ever been that scared/nervous in my life. Seriously, it was the weirdest feeling I’ve ever had. Do you ever get nervous after hearing some news that isn’t really meant to be “scary”, and others tell you it’s not that bad and that everything is going to be okay, but it freaks YOU out, and you have no idea why? lol…I don’t even know how to write my experience. I guess I could say it was more shocking than anything, because it was totally unexpected.

My husband assured me everything was going to be okay, and that he will be with me every step of the way. As soon as I chose to believe him, I realized that I’ve been through so much already, so this ONE thing is not going to change everything I’ve worked so hard to accomplish.

So, yes, I was scared…but I know that I am brave enough to get through it, because I’ve been through worse and am a better person for it.

I don’t know, I guess this post is dumb and that nobody will understand it. I’m just putting it here, because once this is all over, I want to come back to it and know that I did it, and survived.

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I love him
“Love is not about how many days, weeks or months you’ve been together. It’s all about how much you love each other every day.”
~ Anonymous

(That’s Chris, my husband, btw.)

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“Love is a partnership of two unique people who bring out the very best in each other, and who know that even though they are wonderful as individuals, they are even better together.”
~ Barbara Cage

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This tired momma had 4 wittle tiny babies 3 weeks ago…
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My kiddos and I went to meet them on Saturday.
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OMG…they were soooo cute!

The momma chose her owners about 4 months ago (ie: She showed up at their house one day, and never left.). They have grown attached to her, but can’t keep her babies, so we were more than happy to adopt two of them. They will be delivered to us on May 12th!

My husband and I have been wanting to adopt a couple of babies for a while now, so we are super excited, and can’t wait for them to get here.

Awe, me lubs them so much already!

*I hope Albert, our 2.5 year old kitty cat, won’t mind sharing mommy and daddy with them. He’s such a good kitty though, so we’re sure he’ll be an amazing big brother.

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I was nervous on the way there, but we have a good attorney and the judge was very easy to talk to. He said, “Some people just don’t want to be parents, and you’re stepping up to the plate. Which is a very good thing.”

Seriously, he sounded as if he had his mind made up about my husband and me before we even went into the courtroom.

Hurray for a good hearing! Now, all we have to do is wait for a couple more things to be put into our file and we will be done with THIS chapter of our lives.

I’ll keep you all posted, and will give you more details once everything is finalized.

(Yes, I am aware that I am vague posting, so you’ll have to stay tuned.) lol

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